Customized Changing Table

Description of Your Hack

This is a custom changing table that we had made for our house and our daughter.

It has two levels to aid in the ability to manoeuvre her around. There are also safety straps on the sides to make sure she doesn’t slide off. When we were building the table, we based it off of the size of our daughter, as well as the size of us.

Make sure that the manufacturer uses your measurements to make sure that when you’re doing the changing, it is most comfortable for you. We made space at the bottom to store extra diapers and clothing, as well as added some of the textured mat to make it easier to insert.

About the Solution Hacker

The main purpose of the table is to aid us in transferring our daughter onto the upper changing area. The lower level allows us to place her in a seated position. From here we are able to turn her to the side and slide her up onto the main changing area. Because of the fragility of the situation, we want to make sure that we are as careful with our daughter as possible, this is why we added the soft roll (see orange roll in picture) as well as the sensory mat. From here, she is able to leave her feet off of the table comfortably. She likes the feeling of the mat on her feet, so adding it makes the changing time a little less uncomfortable. Once we’ve finished changing we can slide her down onto the lower level and then transfer her wherever we need to.

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