How to give a bath when you can’t make it into the bathroom

The Hack: 

Say your child has had double hip surgery (like mine) and cannot safely get to the bathroom located on the
second floor because of the way they are casted – here’s a solution that helped us get through this conundrum!

This hack requires 1 plastic kiddie pool and 1 mesh bath chair. Bring a kiddie pool into your home and set up on
the kitchen floor. Bring out a bucket that you can fill up with warm water. Place the bath chair into the middle of
the pool and transfer your child onto the chair. Have lots of towels and wash clothes on hand. Cover areas on
their body that you want to keep dry with towels- a warm towel is always handy to ward off any chills and we
always increased the heat in the house during this this task.

Slowly transfer the warm water from the bucket into the pool and use cups/bucket to pour the water over your
child’s body. Whatever water was left over we dumped out into the backyard to allow the pool to dry

No mess as kept the water confined to the parameter of the pool.

About the Solution Hacker: 

Mae had double hip surgery so both her legs were casted, she was still light enough to carry but couldn’t fit up
the stairs due to the way her legs were set in the casts. So we set up her care on the main level but with the only
bathroom located on the second floor of our home we needed to figure out a solution-fast!

So, I thought why not a kiddie pool! We put a kiddie pool in our kitchen and brought down her mesh bath chair and placed it into the middle of the kiddie pool. This allowed us to give her a bath that was more thorough than a sponge bath while ensuring that her casts remained dry.

The support workers and I worked together to accomplish this. It was very unconventional, but it worked out to be a great solution for her and for us during this period and the clean-up was also easy. An inflatable, plastic kiddie pool is also a great option – making it
easier to store away.

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