Medicine Ball to Help with Teeth Brushing

The Hack:

This hack is using a weighted medicine ball to help prop up my daughter while she is sitting in her wheelchair.

When she is sitting in her wheelchair, because of her low muscle tone – she often leans back with her head tilted upwards. To avoid choking on liquids during activities like brushing her teeth, we place a low weighted medicine ball (roughly 8lbs) between her back and the chair. This forces her to lean forward, which allows us to aid her when brushing her teeth.

We found that using a weighted ball vs. a non-weighted ball was more beneficial, as it didn’t move as easily. A non-weighted ball typically fell out of place and didn’t allow her to lean forward properly.

About the Solution Hacker

This hack has helped us tremendously. This allows us to really be able to focus on brushing her teeth, whereas without it we would be focused on keeping her propped forward.
Make sure you remember to take it out after! Otherwise she’ll be sitting all day with the ball in her back, and I can’t imagine that would be comfortable for a long period of time!

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