Pillow Wedges to Create Natural Bed Incline and Reduce Acid Reflux

The Hack: 

We purchased a very affordable pillow wedge from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The foam wedge was used to help support my daughter, Mae, with sitting up in bed and help reduce her acid reflux from the g-tube feeding at night by elevating the head of the bed.

‍The pillow wedge was inserted between the mattress and the box spring which then created a slight incline at the head of the bed. The pillow wedge was easy to insert and remove when she didn’t need to be sitting up.

About the Solution Hacker: 

This hack was driven by several challenges we needed to solve. The first being that we did not want to have a hospital bed at home – it is pricy and ugly. So, we needed to figure out how we could incorporate the benefits of a hospital bed into my daughter’s current bed- which comprised of 2 box springs and a mattress. One day my husband and I were walking through Bed, Bath and Beyond when we came across the pillow wedge.

We had seen smaller foam wedges used in Play and Learn so we thought why not try the bigger one at home. My daughter needed to be elevated at night to alleviate her acid reflux so creating a natural incline on her mattress was ideal- the pillow wedge worked out really well!

The only thing to note is that Mae did not have any upper body muscle strength, so we had to be careful with how high the incline was so that she did not collapse off it.

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