Sleeping Better with White Noise

The Hack: 

Purchase an inexpensive white noise machine or a fan to place in your bedroom while your child is receiving overnight nursing care. This will help those parents who are sensitive sleepers (like me!) by drowning out the care-related noises that occur throughout the night.

About the Solution Hacker: 

Our family was fortunate enough to receive overnight nursing care for Mae, however we struggled to get any sleep due to the amount of care related noises we heard throughout the night.

We struggled initially to sleep because of the increase in noise while my daughter was receiving care. As a parents caring for a child with complex care needs, my husband and I hardly slept without an eye open, always ready to get up in a moment’s notice in case of an emergency, but not getting enough sleep was catching up to us. We were living in a small condo at this time so the noise was inevitable. Prior to condo living, all night we could hear the creaking of the floorboards. The night nursing was in place so that we could take a break, but we just couldn’t get a restful night’s sleep.

So, we decided why not try a white noise machine to help drown out the care related noises at night. We were familiar with white noise machine when our two kids were younger to help them sleep and had heard from other friends who used white noise because their environments were so loud. We decided to give it a shot and it worked! The white noise machine was inexpensive and we found it to be a better energy saver than running a fan- but a fan works too!

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